How I lost you…

Looks like I have lost you… Today, can be counted as one of those dark days in my life.. The day when the world seems upside down.. Words fail me, in explaining what I am being put through…

You have been my true companion all these years.. You gave a meaning to my life. You helped me enjoy the beauty of the world through a different angle. You helped me distinguish, the good from the bad. You made me whole. I knew I would lose you some day. But not so soon. This has hit me out of the blue..

I remember the multiple times you have saved my life. Once from a domestic gas explosion. Another time from the dangerous fumes of ammonia and methane. Whenever someone tried to poison me through food , you came to my aid. I owe you my life..

You always gave me an edge over others. I would be the first one to know when mom was in a good mood. My garden has no meaning without you. In fact, it was all for you. The lovely vanilla plantation at home.. How will I ever get those childhood memories back, now that you are gone..

And our other friends.. Oh. how they would miss you!! Many of them have no existence without you. They have already started to tread their path to doom. When the first mishap hit you 10 months back, we all fought together to get you back. And you did come back..though it left you permanently damaged. We tried hard to keep you from a subsequent attack,which would impair you further. But sorry my dear.. I failed you..

I think I have really lost you this time.. Oh my dear.. “sense of smell”!!!!