Reflections of my Mind – A Tribute!!

Its been 5 years.. 5 long years since I wrote anything here.. Have terribly missed it. After all these years , it still feels special to be back. To pen down what clogs my mind.

Today.. a drizzly Friday evening.. this is the day I choose. And I choose it for a reason.. My mind is full and brimming.. As I travel back home, after a week of work.. the work that I enjoy.. the work with the people I enjoy being with.. , I feel the urge to finally write J

This is about a part of me.. This is about that something, I hold close to my heart. This is about .. Friendship.. All those friendships I have experienced. This is a tribute to everyone who have accompanied me in my journey so far in life. From the first friends as a toddler to the ones who accompany me for a tea outside office. This is an ode to each one of you.

When I see my lil daughter play with her friend, it’s a reminder of the good times I had with the first friend that I remember of. Never did I realize until many many years later that he was older than me by 5 years. I still remember having bossed over him and always got my way in everything. A successful doctor today, and an even better human being, I am happy that I we are still in contact.

The first girls gang I had was at the age of 5 . We 3 were nothing less than Power-puff girls (or so is what we thought). We were 1 yr apart in age, with me being the youngest. We even took strong resolves and oaths to be followed for the rest of our lives. One such was to never drink tea until the age of 12. A resolve which was followed to the word. We never met each other after the age of 8, when we relocated to India. After 18 long years, Facebook brought us in contact again. Happy to know how your lives have evolved!

Then there were so many friends in school. Some who stayed. Some who just brushed past.  Some who had deep impacts in my heart. We still stay in touch. These are friendships which passed the test of time. Friends whom I can truly rely on. Friends who accept me as I am. Where I never have to act. Love you all for being there in thick and thin. For bearing with all my annoyances. What you mean to me is inexplicable. To all of you my dears.. To the complete BMV gang.. Cheers!! Its here , that I got my first best friend too. You will remain most special till lights out J

In college, did I meet a lot of wonderful people too. The ones who made the boring lectures very interesting. The ones who came over to my home on weekends.. The ones who invited us over for functions in far-off towns.. Ones who taught me its okay  to be crazy. Ones who made me laugh without limits. Ones who were true pillars of support. Someone who stood up for me whenever I needed. Who helped me do everything I thought I could never achieve. Who taught me to believe, nothing is impossible J My dear Amritians.. we might not be in constant contact but you still live in my heart. Am106cs001 to am106cs066 and am106cs0502, I can never forget the time I spent with you.

CEERI.. you brought a new set of wonderful friends with you. Awesome seniors.. Adorable juniors and my dear dear brothers (read as batchmates). If I have survived with you.. I can survive everywhere. J From bearing with my awful Hindi to my boring philosophies.. you have tolerated me day after day. Never have I felt left out, though I was the sole girl in class. I hope we remain the same crazy people we were, the 2 yrs we spent together. Always in touch and taunting each other.

My dear friends at work.. Thanks for accepting me into the group within a matter of days . For trusting me with secrets. For giving importance in your lives. For making me feel at home. For being a motivation to come back to work each day morning. For all the outing we enjoyed. For all walks together.For the very wonderful girls trip to Andamans! For all the tea-break chats. I am not sure where life would take us, with ever-changing nature of our work, but I would never want to lose what we share with each other.

Its rare to have friends inside our family . Meera.. you have and always will be that one person whom I can never get bored talking to. We both got busy with our lives, but we will always remain those kids who know each and every aspect of each other’s life. The ones who share the special bond of life, just like we shared Amma’s womb. We are so similar in all our differences. Couldn’t have asked for a better friend or sister than you.

Friendship never evaded me even in marriage. Having married my very close friend, I didn’t have to explain the importance of all my friendships to him. Dileep.. we met as friends.. we married as friends. Though the dynamics of the relations have changed.. we still are friends.. and need to remain the same till death does us apart. Today you are our daughter’s best friend too.

In all phases of life .. I did have lot of other special friends too. A chat-friend (whom I never met)who is still a good friend even after 13 long years. Another friend with whom I share all my anxieties and worries and brings me back to normal when my levels of stress go out of bounds. Yet another friend who supported me when I needed the most when I was worried about my kiddo starting school J All of you are unique. All of you are an integral part of me…