How many times have you lost all control over yourself ? How many times have you blasted out on someone and badly regretted having done so? I am sure there will be a very low minority who don’t experience these situations at least on a weekly basis if not on a daily basis..And I am no exception. But an experience which I had a few days ago got me thinking about patience and the importance a patient listening and patient explanation would have on someone’s life.

Most of us might have heard of the story which signifies how patiently our parents had taught us when we were too young and immature and how we lose our control when they behave like children in their old age.. All of us feel the depth of the story and understand the moral though our behavior never changes. Life would have been so easy if people changed their behavior after being impacted by stories. It I real-life incidents which can change a human being.

After going through the above 2 paragraphs if you are expecting some really emotional and life-changing incident you are sure to be disappointed. J I write this post as a dedication to the patience one of my teachers(or you can read guides) showed towards me. I have always been a very impatient person when it comes to teaching anyone. It is a well-known fact among friends and family that unless you are a very fast learner you will not be able to learn anything from me. I always used to complain how someone could be so illogical and for me any learning would happen only through logically analyzing thing let it be learning how to operate a mobile, connecting a cd player, driving or even cooking. But then I met a very humbling personality who changed the way I perceive things.

When I joined for a PG course in Semiconductor Electronics (and specialized in Photonics) after having a background in Computer Engineering I didn’t have much idea how I would be able to cope with it but thanks to some extremely motivating personalities ,I was able to survive in this whole new world of electronics research. When I took up a self study course in Diffraction Gratings without having any background in electromagnetism that too under a guide who is another part of the country everyone called it a wild-call. Though I was fairly confident that I will be able to pull it through I started losing confidence as time passed by. That’s when my guide made a one week visit to my lab. Each day he would spend time with me teaching me the very basics of electromagnetism and that’s when I realized that learning something which we are totally unfamiliar with is extremely difficult and I remembered how my mom would have felt when I used to try to teach her how to operate a mobile or to drive a car. It was totally new to her and she used to make all kinds of mistakes just like what I was doing with fields and waves. 🙂  I learnt the most important lesson that unless you are fundamentally clear about the subject or activity there is no way you can learn it howmuchever hard work you put in.

Now I am a changed person. I have promised myself that next time I try to teach someone I will definitely be patient and make sure that the I put in my 100% effort to make that person learn. And that itself makes me feel very relaxed and motivated..
Thanks for the patient reading. 🙂 Have a good day!

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