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{June 29, 2011}   I wish….

This might be the shortest post I make. We have all been trough various phases in life..childhood, teenage, youth etc (thts where I am now.) And during the transition from one stage to another there are always gains and losses. The greatest loss I have had when I had a transition from being a student to the life of an employee or in short when I left college is the loss of a very special friend who had been with me through thick and thin. This post is for you my friend and for all true friends … I hope you read this . I remember the promise…
Friendship is above all other relations. Even above love. Because in love there is a feeling of possessiveness and ownership but friends always know that he/she is not mine forever and one day she might have to leave. Even after knowing this truth friends remain sincere and true and helpful and dedicated throughout the short span of time they remain together. I wish life never had to separate friends…. I wish……….

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