Sooner or Later Though You Always Have to Wake Up…..

This write-up will be better understood by those readers who have seen the movie Avatar by James Cameroon.  And I really suggest that those who have not seen the movie please do watch it. Its worth the effort.
I decided to watch the movie Avatar just because it was directed by a famous director and there was a lot of hype about the movie all around. Just like any other normal viewer..:). But half way through the movie I started understanding the message the movie was trying to convey. I started understanding that it was one of the most relevant movies I have seen in recent times. The movie talks about the greed of human beings. About what wonders nature can do.. About the extent to which human beings can deteriorate to be the ruler of all resources. .
The movie is about how humans(refered to as Sky-people) decide to mine rich natural resources from another planet named Pandora and the natives of the planet known as the Na’vis trying hard not just to safeguard the resources but also to preserve the nature of their homeland. They fight till their death to save their planet. From the surface it looks like any other normal alien movie but deep down it sends a message to the whole human race to fight for the planet we live in. Towards the climax of the movie the hero prays to the Na’vi Goddess and thats the dialogue which I felt was most relevant ..See the world we come from. There’s no green there. They killed their Mother and they’re gonna do the same here. Very True. We have killed our Mother Nature who protects and preserves us.
Our greed is never going to end. It will only keep on increasing until we ourselves become the reason for our downfall. Take for instance the Copenhagen Climate Change Summit. No one was ready to take a stand that would save the Earth. All the countries thought just about themselves and thus even a consensus could not be reached, leave alone a solid protocol or agreement. Thus it turned out to be a failure.
Indians and Africans, who are considered to be inferior races by others, have a rich heritage which we can be proud of. These two races have always worked in harmony with nature and done all that could be to safeguard it. But now what has happened to us?? Just like the Na’vis in the movie shouldn’t we too continue doing what our ancestors have done? Should we too end up being held responsible for the brutal murder of our Mother? Or should we stand up against the murderers? Its for us to decide. Lets not forget that the green cover is necessary for the human race to survive. Just like the forest decides to help the Na’vis to save their homeland Nature will appreciate any effort made by her children and help to drive away the intruders.
By the time the destroyers have realized their mistakes it’ll be too late. So lets all consider it our obligation to take up the responsibility and help save our Mother. Fight for our Mother. Without her we have no identity. Its she who preserves us. We are like babies; stupid and ignorant. Lets grow up a bit for the sake of our Mother.
So its time for us to wake up..
Save our Mother!! Save Nature!!!


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  1. Well written dear. I am absolutely with you. I too was deeply shaken with that movie and this was the best movie I ever watched. Not because it had the most amazing graphics, but what it talks about, the extremely deep message it conveys. I must admit that it has changed my thinking more than any other movie.
    I am kinda a technical guy so now I try to conserve energy in my own little ways. As an electrical engineer, I try to design circuits which have some kind of ‘sleep’ mode. This much of minimum responsibility I think every engineer should assume towards environment.
    Now whenever I walk through big malls, watching people enjoy their lives, who can afford it, I can’t help thinking about those who can not. The rich might order a single meal that is more expensive than a month’s salary of an average village person. And they do not even consume whole of it!!! How irresponsible! Would there be any leftovers from that village person if he would have had the chance to enjoy the same meal? In today’s world, being wasteful is a measure of your richness and a status symbol!

    I belong to a quite middle class Indian family & I know my parents are not of kind who would think about saving environment & energy conservation and all that… But looking at other people’s lifestyles & the western culture that is slowly penetrating in India, I feel that we are *far* better than most rich & wasteful people.
    We switch off appliances not in use. I go to market, I don’t take the bike. The reason honestly being we can’t afford the cost of petrol or electricity more than saving the environment. Whatever be the reason, the end result is same: lesser pollution!
    So in the end of the day, I feel quite happy that my not-being-able-to-afford has saved the environment in some way, little it may be.

    The so-called developed countries may boast about their fake measures to protect the environment and may continue to make fun of the people who worship the trees & forests, but the truth will remain the same that one day the ‘developed’ countries will seek the help of the very same people whom they now make fun of. And in the end, it would be the faith of those people that is gonna save this planet.

    But hope is still there. We can still heal the wounds we have given to our Mother nature ONLY IF everyone starts to consider what they contribute to this gigantic mission of saving Earth, and not just assuming this is a responsibility of MNCs and Governments.

    As it is said, charity begins at home. And what bigger charity than this could be?

    -Wishing everyone a greener environment,

    1. Thanks a lot for expressing your views. You really added all the points which I had left out. Thank you once again!!

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