Lead India Campaign

On the 60th anniversary of free India, The Times Group  launched its new campaign titled “Lead India”. This campaign was in continuation of its previous campaign titled “India Poised” featuring Amitabh Bachchan that was launched in January 2007. However, this time, the nationwide campaign revolved around a talent hunt for a young and dynamic politician.

This was a platform given to all the citizens of India to become an active participant in nation building rather than being just passive recipients of what the politicians gave them. This was the time that one of the largest media group of the world declared that we lack good leaders. The campaign aimed at empowering normal citizens to stop talking about the issue and start doing something about them instead.

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan along with many famous personalities like industrialists Sunil Mittal, Nandan Nilekani; leading politicians like Sachin Pilot; actors Abhishek Bachchan and Priyanka Chopra all promoted  this first-of-its-kind campaign for the youngsters of this country to make a difference.

My father and I discuss about the happenings in our country very frequently and we often end up blaming the political system and the bureaucracy. I  think its time to shift the gear up and make some changes instead of just thinking about it and dreaming that someone, somewhere will do something about this. The least we can do is to be well informed of our constituency and vote for able leaders. People hesitate to vote b’coz they think everyone is equally corrupt. Some people think that their votes will not count. Let me tell all of them that we aren’t simply called the world largest democracy (4 times the size of USA) and all of ours vote count, make an attempt and see. Regarding this I also think that Jaagore.com is also a very nice initiative taken by our youngsters to tell us how important we are to the nation.

The Lead India ’09 campaign aims at telling us the importance of our vote . We think nothing in India can change but do we even attempt to change it ourselves? According to statistics only a very small portion of our entire huge population cast their vote in elections. A large portion out of this are the poor people whose votes are purchased by political parties. The urban population are least interested in voting. Its high time this changed. The educated poeple should find time to vote. Consider it a small service for our country.. for our society…

As the saying goes “Tum Chalo Toh Hindustan Chale”, lets all help building OUR nation so that we can hold OUR heads up and be proud of it.



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