XQueries in DB2

Hi friends…

Just thought of sharing my knowledge about XQueries…

As u all might be knowing data can be conveniently stored in XML format.. ..(ever wondered what “x” in the extensions like .docx,.pptx etc of the MS Office 2007 Suite stands for???.. yes..u guessed it right.. it stands for OpenXML  J ) ..XML is platform independent and is stored in a hierarchical structure.. A large amount of data can be conveniently stored in XML format..

Keeping all these advantages in mind developers have lately started including this datatype in Databases.. One such database I’ve used is the IBM DB2 9.0 Express C version.. This product was used as a part of a contest organized by IBM itself..Usually XML data is queried using XQueries rather than by using standard SQL queries which can turn out to be rather long and complicated.. I had made a ppt (or rather.. pptx) which contains the data about querying XML data in DB2 using xqueries.. This is a compilation of the data I collected from various sites.. I hope you’ll find it useful… This is the ppt..xquery1



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